The Art


I am not a “portrait photographer".  I am not a “wedding photographer".  I am not a “commercial photographer".  I am ALL of these and much MORE.  I pride myself on being able to shoot anybody (or anything) in any light; I am a chemist of natural and artificial light.  Because of my overall love of photography, regardless of the subject matter, I have educated myself extensively to see light, create light, and shape light to produce beautiful works of art.

I am an award winning, published photographer, a filmmaker, a professional musician, a graphic designer, a performer, an illustrator, and a singer.  I have always seen the world with an artist’s eye.  Art, in some form, has been the catalyst for every challenge and adventure I have ever undertaken.


Amateur photography has been a part of my life for many years.  In 2013, my creative and artistic passion, coupled with my fervor for the technical aspects of creating art out of light, brought me into the realm of professional photography.


The Person


My wife and I have been married for over 30 years.  With God as our trail master, we have raised three beautiful children.  All three are teens or older and are (or have been) in the performing arts in some form or fashion.  When it comes to photography, my family has given me plenty of practice, patience, persistence, and encouragement.  


I am a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), an FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot (CFR14, Part 107), an active member of The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and I am former Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Professional Photographers of South Carolina (PPSC).  I was also voted one of the Top 5 Photographers of the Year 2020 in South Carolina.


The Business


Artistry is critical, but there is a reason it is called a photography business.  With the help of my business degree in marketing from Appalachian State University, my Professional Certification (CPP) from PPA, and my FAA Part 107 certification as a drone pilot, I continue to educate myself with the latest photographic trends and gear, while keeping the voice of the masters in the back of my head.  


My goal is to provide a consistently exceptional product and customer experience.  The number one marketing tool I have is customer service/satisfaction and the subsequent word of mouth that inevitably follows. There is no stronger marketing tool than a happy client.

The Clients

My photography has been featured commercially by: 


• Ballet Spartanburg

• Carolina Ballet 

• Colburn Dentistry

• The Greenville Symphony Orchestra 


• J. Dabney Peeples Design Assoc.

• Kudzu Medical

• International Ballet

• Phoenix Senior Living

• Pine Street Dental

• South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities

• Tri-State Medical Supplies

• Upstate Total Care Clinic  


My work has appeared in: 


• atHome Magazine

• The Greenville Journal

• HealthLinks Upstate Magazine

• Inspiring Teens Magazine

• HealthLinks Charleston Magazine

• Senior Muse (online)

• Senior Year Magazine

• Shutter Magazine

• Speedliter's Blog

• Teen Years Magazine (online)

• Town Magazine

• Upstate Parent Magazine


I have donated my time and talent to charitable organizations such as Flashes of Hope, Family Connections of SC, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I have had the privilege of capturing national recording artists, Broadway performers, film and television actors and actresses, and countless aspiring dancers, models, and performing artists.  Additionally, I have worked with some of the top model and talent agencies in the Southeast, including Marilyn's Agency, Carolina Talent, and Millie Lewis.  I have worked with some of the top performing arts groups in the Upstate including: International Ballet Academy & Company, South Carolina Governor's School, Carolina Ballet Theatre (CBT), Dance Converse (Converse College), Carolina Dance Conservatory, Camp Broadway (NYC), and Naina Dewan Dance Company.  

The Result


Anyone can take a picture, but it takes knowledge and artistry to create an image from a moment in time that captures your life and energy.  Working together, we will create such images.

Portrait Wedding photographer Greenville SC
Commercial photography, editorial, BTS, magazine cover
Commercial, branding, album cover photographer
Commercial, dance, marketing, photographer Greenville SC
Portrait, dance, photographer, Greenville SC
portrait, dance, photographer, instructor, BTS photo by Lori Madeline